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Wall Covering Services & More!

Commercial Wall Covering

Commercial wall covering is the most cutting edge way for you to bring your commercial storefront or property to the next level. Wall Coverings have become increasingly popular with some of the most successful chains and franchises.Stop gambling with average joes and call the professionals at KV Painting LLC today.

Residential Wall Covering

Comprehensive, floor to ceiling wall covering services for the interior of local homes here in Colorado at an unbeatable bargain - that is one of the primary "selling points" our leaders at KV Painting have attributed to our company's success. Our seasoned wall covering specialists have years of experience and the attention to detail to ensure your residential wall covering project is completed promptly and to budget.

Wall Covering Options Available Through KV Painting

Our teams of painters and wall covering specialists are well-versed in a variety of wall covering types as well as being equally versatile in both quality installation methods and industry-leading application practices. Please keep in mind that we pride ourselves on our diverse skill set and customer-accommodation approach. If your particular wall covering requires a specific material or installation procedure that is not listed, please feel free to reach out to our wall covering specialists at your earliest convenience. If we are unable to assist with the wall covering project in question, we can point you in the right direction for a favorable resolution.

(Click Each Wall Covering Option To Learn More!)

Type 1 - Decorative & Washable

Implementing Type 1 [vinyl] wall covering to your commercial property is a sure-fire way to not only protect the walls from "wear-n-tear" and exposure to the elements but it also offers a tremendous boost to the property's "curb appeal" and aesthetic value.

Type 2 - Standard Commercial

For a more traditional and cost-effective approach towards revamping your property's interior/exterior, we strongly encourage our local clients to consider taking advantage of our top-notch installation services for Type 2 [vinyl] wall covering.

Type 3 - Impact Resistant

Another wall covering option that is readily available through our professional wall covering installations is the use of Type 3 [vinyl] wall covering around your commercial, residential, or industrial property here in the metropolis of Colorado.

(Organic Options For Wall Covering Installations)

Organic Grasscloth
Wall Covering

For those property owners who are seeking an undeniable allure regarding aesthetic and visual appeal, look no further than the many patterns, species, and grasscloth types offered for wall covering.

Organic Wood Veneer
Wall Covering

Similar to the ogranic grasscloth wall covering in terms of ambiance revival and true majesty, organic wood veneer wall coverings offer a tasteful option for clients seeking to upgrade their current/pending wall covering.

(Synthetic Options For Wall Covering Installations)

Synthetic Wood Veneer
Wall Covering

When choosing options available for updating your wall with quality wall covering, it is certainly worthwhile to explore the many options and availabilities presented though synthetic veneer wall covering.

Synthetic Grasscloth
Wall Covering

Synthetic options are as widespread as they are useful and synthetic grasscloth wall covering is certainly no exception; the synthetic version of grasscloth wall covering provides a very appealing option whilst offering reasonable pricing at the same time.

Suede Fabric Wall Covering

Renowned for artfully gracing the walls for homes and businesses alike for decades, suede fabric wall covering is one of the most captivating and inviting wall coverings available for our clients here in Colorado seeking to restore their property's appeal.

Silk Fabric Wall Covering

Granted silk fabric wall covering is inherently one of the more expensive options available when considering an overhaul to your property's wall covering, however, what it "lacks" in cost-efficiency is dwarfed by the aesthetic appeal silk fabric wall covering offers.

Glass Beads Vinyl Wall Covering

When tastefully installed and applied, a custom upgrade with glass bead [vinyl] wall covering boasts not only a rich and welcoming allure but it also enjoys the added benefit of lasting for decades when properly installed and later maintained(cleaned)







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