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TEX◦COTE® Texturing Services & More!

Taking into account that TEX◦COTE® texturing is one the most popular and widely used texturing options available for application on the exterior walls, columns, pillars, balusters, pylons, and butresses, it's only natural that there would be an equal (if not greater) number of painting options and applications available as well. Whether it's touching up certain exposed or worn areas by matching the current color tone or hue and (re)painting the TEX◦COTE® or completely revamping it's current (or lack thereof) paint job, we've made it one of our company's signature painting services here at KV Painting.

Property Types That Often Benefit From TEX◦COTE® Painting

Ranging from all-inclusive texture-painting services applied around newly textured structures on commercially scaled properties to custom textured-painting options for high-end, luxury homes here locally in Colorado, our TEX◦COTE® painting services are without peer in terms of quality, consistency, and affordability. By combining speed, precision, world-class TEX◦COTE® painting applications and a penchant for going above and beyond in response to our clients' specific needs, we've not only managed to cultivate life-long relationships with many of those selfsame customers but we've also mananged to raise the overall service standard for TEX◦COTE® painting services here in Colorado!

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Residential TEX◦COTE® Painting

With as pervasive as a wall texturing product as TEX◦COTE® is in the local residential property market, being an experienced painting company on hand to offer custom TEX◦COTE® painting, TEX◦COTE® (re)painting and TEX◦COTE® touch-up painting services for our residential property owners is something that swells us with a true sense of pride. Our TEX◦COTE® painting services cover a very broad spectrum of specific property types as listed below, however, if there is a particular property or residential-scale painting project that involves (re)painting a TEX◦COTE®-applied surface, please feel free to inquire further by contacting one of our in-house TEX◦COTE® painters directly here



TEX◦COTE® Painting
For Houses & Homes

Most residential homes or houses that are textured with TEX◦COTE® surfacing can often require (re)painting services if the previously painted TEX◦COTE® was/is left [over]exposed to the various elements, such as UV rays, wind/storm damage, water (over-saturation), or the always worrisome, fire. With that in mind, the skilled TEX◦COTE® painters we have on our roster here at KV Painting are skilled at matching existing paint colors to "spot" or touch-up minor areas; offer prompt and punctual painting scheduling to ensure your property is the talk of the block in record times, and always provide courteous, yet efficient painting services for the many local residents in Colorado who hire us.

TEX◦COTE® Painting
For Single Family & Multi-Unit

Factoring in that single-family homes, as well as multi-unit housing, often share a common trait (the trait being that their walls and surfaces are both prime candidates for a professional installation/application of TEX◦COTE®), it's extremely beneficial for local tenants and homeowners alike to have a reliable and experienced painting company on hand to affect any TEX◦COTE® painting services as they arise. As such, our company, KV Painting, has been one of the leading painting companies in Colorado that is equally well-versed and well-accomplished in both (re)painting TEX◦COTE®-applied walls and surfaces as well as matching a current paint job of a TEX◦COTE® wall/surface and performing seamless touch-ups as needed.

TEX◦COTE® Painting
For Townhouses & Townhomes

While it's apparent that with the booming housing market and growing population that we can expect an upsurge of townhomes and townhouses to be built or renovated to accommodate the surplus, it's also worth noting that the aesthetics and visual appeal of said properties should be invested in as well. One great way to add a tremendous amount of allure to a local Colorado townhouse or townhome is to explore painting options for the TEX◦COTE® that is adorning the walls or surfaces throughout the structure. To that regard, we employ some of the most accomplished and experienced painters that actually specialize painting, (re)painting, and match-painting TEX◦COTE® walls, surfaces, and even entire properties! Be sure to reach out to us directly if you additional question regarding our painting options for TEX◦COTE® or if you would like to schedule our painters' services towards (re)painting your existing TEX◦COTE® walls/surfaces.

TEX◦COTE® Painting
For Apartment Complexes & Condominiums

Most (re)painting jobs that involve apartment complexes or condominiums featuring applied-TEX◦COTE® are larger, more elaborate endeavors and to that effect, it's absolutely crucial to enlist the expertise of an experienced, professional painting company that has a proven track record of successful painting projects involving TEX◦COTE® texturing and coating applications. The last thing a tenant, leaseholder, or property manager wants is to invest time, money, and reputation in a painting company that lacks the familiarity or experience in correctly (re)painting TEX◦COTE® walls and TEX◦COTE® surfaces. Having made mention of that, our company, KV Painting, has decades of provable experience in painting TEX◦COTE® walls, TEX◦COTE® surfaces, and even entire apartment complexes that are laden TEX◦COTE® texturing/coating! If you are interested in learning more about how KV Painting can assist with the next (re)painting enterprise that is geared toward revitalizing the TEX◦COTE® systems that are gracing the walls and surfaces of apartment complexes or condominiums.

Commercial TEX◦COTE® Painting

When one pictures a commercial property that is bedecked in TEX◦COTE® an exterior finish, they often envision robust columns and pillars that offer not only structural support and reinforcement but an undeniable portrayal of class, elegance and refinement. Moreover, if the paint job that is reponsible for balancing the expression of architectural deisgn and a timeless textured finish is equitable in terms of quality and consistency, then it is truly a magnificent sight to behold. This, of course, is entirely contingent upon who was hired to perform the painting of the TEX◦COTE® walls and surfaces presented throghout the commercial property. For those who are seeking to ensure that their commercial property's TEX◦COTE® is professionally painted cleanly and consistently, there is an afforfable and reliable option that is locally available for our Colorado commercial property owners, fellow contractors, and property management agencies: KV Painting. By enlisting our decades of commercial TEX◦COTE® painting experience and trusting our seasoned TEX◦COTE® painters at the helm of your commercial TEX◦COTE® painting project, you gain the peace of mind in knowing that your commercial TEX◦COTE® painting project is under the guidance of proven professional Colorado painting company.



TEX◦COTE® Painting
For Storefronts and Brick & Mortar Businesses

Nothing can turn away a potential or prospective customer faster than a storefront or brick and mortar store whose wall and surface texturing appears shoddy, rundown, or just generally dilipidated. Whether it's the actual TEX◦COTE® that is covering the walls/surfaces that needs to re-applied or if it is the paint that is coloring the TEX◦COTE® itself, it's extremely important to ensure that the aesthetics and appeal of the property take a front seat when it comes to addressing improvement options for a storefront or brick and mortar store. With that in mind, our expert painters here at KV Painting boast several decades of not just painting experience in general but we've perfected our techniques and painting practices for walls and surfaces that are coated/textured with TEX◦COTE® products.

TEX◦COTE® Painting
For [Strip]Shopping Malls & Retail Outlets

When most shoppers and visitors are partaking of the local sales and specials at the local shopping(strip) mall or retail outlet, they rarely take into account the visual appeal or aesthetical value of a property unless that particular property is lacking in the "alluring" department. Whether it's due to poor layout, design, or the paint job that graces the walls; when it's obvious that the property is not properly upkept or maintained, it can actually drive away business and dissuade patrons from (re)visiting the shopping mall or retail outlet. One tried and proven way to avoid losing shoppers, patrons, and investors alike is to revive the property's paint job; especially if the commercial property in question has TEX◦COTE® texturing on the walls that needs to be touched up or (re)painted.

TEX◦COTE® Painting
For Restaurants, Diners, & Eateries

As many local Colorado natives and visitors alike will attest to, our communities and cities enjoy some of the richest diversity and culinary balance in terms of gourmet eateries, "Mom & Pop Dining Shops", and high-end restaurants. Whether your particular palate prefers an elaborate sit-down session, with multiple courses and a smourgusboard of options or if you're on the go and are wanting a quick to-go meal, the offerings are as broad as your belt line, there is sure to be something available through our local diners, restaurants, and eateries for anyone. That is, until one goes to partake in the consumptive creations at a local establishment and they are met with a scene out of a horror movie: rundown walls, garish texturing, and peeling paint to name a few. And this is especially jarring when the particular property was once truly a splendid sight to behold when its TEX◦COTE® texturing was freshly installed and professionally painted.

TEX◦COTE® Painting
For Office Suites & Business Complexes

Considering that the majority of commercial properties here in Colorado are predominantly formed into business complexes or office suites, it makes sense that our company, KV Painting, would make tremendous strides in the commercial sector in our decades of providing professional painting services. Furthermore, a great many of the commercial properties (office suites & business complexes in particular) that we are tasked with painting, (re)painting, and touching up are often adorned with TEX◦COTE® texturing and surface coatings; which can alter the approach or dynamics involved with painting the property. As such, we've made it one of our company's "selling points" to offer complete, comprehensive painting coverage for commercial properties that feature TEX◦COTE® walls, surfaces, interiors, and exteriors. Regardless of the painting capacity (be it anew paint job, [re]painting an already-painted property, or touching up TEX◦COTE® walls with custom/matched paint), you can take heart in the fact that when you recruit KV Painting to (re)paint your office suites or business complex's walls & surfaces, you recruit true painting professionals.

Industrial TEX◦COTE® Painting

While it's understood that most industrial sized/scaled properties here in Colorado are often treated/updated with interior and exterior texturing (such as TEX◦COTE® applications!) for a variety of reasons (predominantly for temperature control and fluctuation resistance), it's not widely known that there is an entire niche painting and treatment-based industry that is solely dedicated to the upkeep, (re)painting, and customization of TEX◦COTE®-born walls for industrial properties here in Colorado. Granted the TEX◦COTE®-treated walls and surfaces of industrial properties are very similar to other textured walls and surfaces for industrial properties, the process of painting, (re)painting and custom painting is inherently a more specialized process that requires a trained, experienced professional painter in the industrial property/structure sector. As such, our company, KV Painting, has pioneered many painting techniques, painting practices, and painting methods that are specifically implemented to overcome the many challenges and potential setbacks that can often be associated with the painting of TEX◦COTE®-treated surfaces & walls for industrial properties. Listed below are some of the more common painting capacities and painting projects that our TEX◦COTE® painting specialists are typically recruited to perform as well as the various industrial property types that are frequently painting & (re)painting by our professional TEX◦COTE® painters.



TEX◦COTE® Painting
For [Occupied] Warehouses

One of the more challenging TEX◦COTE®-treated surfaces or walled areas to paint and (re)paint is by far the painting and (re)painting of industrial warehouses; both vacant and occupied. While not every industrial warehouse here in Colorado is treated with TEX◦COTE® on its interior/exterior walls and surfaces, there are very substantial portion that are which is why we've made it one of our company's specialty painting capacities to include industrial warehouses that are stocked or occupied as well as empty warehouses, such as those used for seasonal storage and equipment housing. Whether the particular occupied or unoccupied industrial warehouse has interior walls/surfaces that have TEX◦COTE® texturing with abismal or a lackluster paint job or if the exterior walls are subjected to a similar disservice, you can rest equally assured that our seasoned TEX◦COTE® painting teams here at KV Painting are some of the most talented and experienced painters throughout all of Colorado.

TEX◦COTE® Painting
For Distrubution & Manufacturing Centers

In order for the structures of industrial properties that are specifically constructed to function as distribution/manufacturing centers to battle the elements and resist the drastic dips in temperature on both ends of the hot/cold spectrum that are all too common here in Colorado, many of their walls, surfaces, and structural elements are texured with TEX◦COTE®-based products. As such, TEX◦COTE® is a very unique texturing product in the fact that is very cost-effective for the protection it provides whilst also maintaining a level of versatility for aesthetics (painting, of course!) that few other texturing products offer. With that in mind, our company, KV Painting, has a proven track record of painting and (re)painting various industrial properties (both the interiors and exteriors, respectively) that are geared towards distributing goods and manufactured products and have featured TEX◦COTE® texturing adorning the walls and surfaces.

TEX◦COTE® Painting
For Government & Municipal Properties

Most government facilities, municipal properties, or public establishments such as courthouses, are often large, industrial-sized properties with ample square footage allotted to the interior and exterior walls. Which are, in turn, typically treated with a texturing product or material, such as TEX◦COTE® that can often need painting and (re)painting in order to further combat the always-invasive Colorado elements: heat, cold, snow, water, ice, sleet, and sun damage caused by an overexposure of UV rays. Taking into consideration the pivotal role that these particualar industrial properties play in not only our day-to-day lives but the impact they have on our society as a whole, it largely goes without saying that proper upkeep and maintenance is an absolute must! Moreover, certain services and upkeep capacities (especially painting and/or (re)painting the TEX◦COTE® walls and surfaces) are best left in the capable hands of trained and experienced professionals. (Much like the premier painting teams we have on our roster that are specifically trained to deal with the various trials and challenges that can often strike at the most inopportune times during painting and (re)painting project for a government/municipal property.)

TEX◦COTE® Painting
For Highrises & [Industrial] Workshops

An industrial property that features a structural highrise or an industrial-caliber workshop is a property in which many moving parts, both tangible and largely unseen, can often make maintenance and upkeep (patching, painting, [re]painting, touch-ups, to name a few) for the interior and exterior walls, surfaces, and featured elements that have a TEX◦COTE® texture gracing its walls an absolute nightmare for the untrained or unitiated. Moreover, this is further compounded not only by each story that the industrial highrise is or how extensive the industrial workshops is but also by always-unpredictable variable that plagues every industrial property here in Colorado: The Weather. With that in mind, we've spent decades training and mastering the painting techniques needed to properly service industrial highrises and industrial workshops that feature TEX◦COTE®-treated walls & surfaces in both interior and exterior TEX◦COTE® painting capacities. Moreover, our TEX◦COTE® painting teams take tremendous pride in the quality of our TEX◦COTE® painting and our adherence to safe and efficient work practices in equal measures. If you are interested in learning more about the varios TEX◦COTE® painting services for industrial properties in general or specifically the painting and (re)painting services we offer for TEX◦COTE® textured walls & surfaces for industrial highrises/workshops, please feel free to reach out to our TEX◦COTE® painting specialists at your earliest leisure.







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