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How Our Painting Experts At KV Painting Can Help With Your Intumescent Painting Needs!

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New Intumescent Painting Services

From the initial site assessment until the final coat of intumescent paint has been applied, we strive for excellence in the intumescent painting services we offer and various intumescent painting capacities we fulfill. As such, we maintain a standard and quality to the intumescent painting services we offer for commercial and industrial properties here in Colorado and that is to strive for and unfailing promote and uphold safety first. During our storied tenure as a full service painting company that is responsible for painting all property types (commercial, residential, industrial), we've become especially accustomed to the various skilled intumescent painting practices, economical intumescent painting techniques, and most importantly; emphasis on quality intumescent painting *application that typically is involved during a commercial/industrial intumescent paint job.

* Proper painting application involving intumescent products is absolutely paramount. All safety standards, industry guidelines, and city/permitting regulations must be upheld to ensure the safety [integrity] of the structure that is painted/coated with a fire retardant material. The "soundness" of the structure must be maintained during [over]exposure to heat, flame(s), or temperature spiking to better protect any inhabitants/occupants of said structure. This always involves underscoring the intumescent paint density (how many coats of intumescent paint are needed) before, during, and after each coat of intumescent paint being applied during the painting project at hand.

Intumescent Painting Consultations

Not every intumescent painting project is going to require an entire application of intumescent paint, however, there are certain guidelines and criteria that dictate whether or not a specific structure or property will require a professional coating of intumescent paint at all. Our company has decades of first-hand experience with not only applying and coating commercial and industrial properties that require intumescent paint but we are also well-versed in initially determining whether or not an application of intumescent paint is even necessary.

Properties & Structures That Benefit From Intumescent Paint & Coating Services

At KV Painting, we are proud of our painting capabilities that enable us to ensure that all tenants and guests that visit the various commercial and industrial properties are safeguarded against flame, fire, and heat exposure. By and large, the majority of our intumescent painting services are geared more towards commercial properties, warehouses, highrises, industrial structures, and business complexes but we are always willing to exercise our intumescent painting versatility to accommodate our clients in whatever avenue we are able to.







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